For nearly 60 years, Irvine was home to the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro.  After MCAS was decommissioned, the City obtained 1,300 acres of the former base, which became the Orange County Great Park.

To honor the iconic base, 125 acres (just under 10 percent of the Great Park) was designated as the site for the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery.  In 2016, CalVet released a 333-page design which was approved by both the State and Federal government.  In 2017, funding was secured to begin construction.

However, the Irvine City Council has spent the past two years delaying construction because they want to hand over the property promised to our veterans to a commercial developer (FivePoint).

Sign the petition below, urging elected officials to stop delaying and start constructing the Veterans Cemetery at its originally designated and approved location:

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