Multi-billion-dollar developer FivePoint tried to pull a fast one over on Irvine voters…and they almost succeeded!

Three pro-developer Irvine City Councilmembers joined forces with FivePoint to concoct a deceitful ballot label, in an attempt to trick voters into believing that Measure B is about building a Veterans Cemetery in strawberry fields.

What they purposely left off, was the “dirty little (BIG) secret” behind Measure B!  That’s because they don’t want voters to know that Measure B is actually all about a massive development scheme at the Great Park, worth hundreds of millions in profits for FivePoint, that will bring THOUSANDS of additional cars & trucks into our neighborhoods every day.

So, we took them to court to ensure voters learned the truth about Measure B.  And we won!

The Court ruled that their ballot label was “false and misleading,” and forced them to add the development scheme as the FIRST part of the ballot label.

Help us continue this fight by donating today!

If you are sick and tired of developers controlling Irvine, and you do not want thousands more cars & trucks in our neighborhoods every day, join us in voting NO on Measure B on June 5th.

If you are as outraged as we are about developers pushing the Veterans Cemetery out of the Great Park, dumping it on a strawberry field at the El Toro “Y” that FivePoint wants to unload, join us in voting NO on Measure B on June 5th

If you have a front lawn, you can help us get the truth out about Measure B!  Click here to have one of our volunteers deliver a lawn sign to your home, and encourage your friends and neighbors to request one too.

You can also help offset the cost of the signs (they are $5 each) by donating $25 right now, which will allow our volunteers to plant signs (and support) in 5 more yards.

Together, we can defeat Measure B and send a clear message that Irvine is no longer controlled by developers! Join the movement NOW…before it’s too late!

Ed Pope
Chair of the Campaign to Save the Veterans Cemetery in the Great Park,
U.S. Army veteran and 46-year Irvine resident

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