Together, we built a true grassroots movement that successfully defeated the Irvine City Council’s land-swap scheme with developer FivePoint (Measure B).  Unfortunately, Councilmembers Wagner, Fox and Shea have chosen to completely ignore the June 5th election results, delaying and obstructing our long-planned Veterans Cemetery indefinitely.

Elected officials who ignore their constituents don’t belong in office! 

If you are as outraged by the Council as we are, please sign up as a volunteer to help us replace these three elected officials.

  • Thank you for signing up to help us gather the 15,000 signatures necessary to qualify the initiative for the ballot!

    If the initiative is passed by Irvine voters, the Great Park ARDA site will be designated and re-zoned for one use and one use only — a State-built and State-operated Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery, surrounded by thousands of trees, along with walking paths and a military aircraft museum.

    Please fill out the form below and we'll contact you about ways you can help us gather signatures from your Irvine friends and neighbors. Join us. We can do this!
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